Missing speedboat at sea found, everyone on board safe

An MNDF coastguard vessel is pictured next to a speedboat that went missing without contact but was later found on February 7, 2020. (Photo/MNDF)

A speedboat with four passengers lost at sea has been found safe by MNDF Coastguard.

Reports of the missing speedboat with which contact could not be established were received around 22:44, according to MNDF. The speedboat named "Miho Palace" was traveling from G.Dh. Fiyoari to Addu city.

MNDF Information Officer, Maj. Ibrahim Azim confirmed that the speedboat had departed around 18:45 from Fiyoari and could not be contacted afterward.

He also stated that efforts led to a connection to be established with the boat around 00:05 tonight but was shortly lost adding that the connection did not lead to any legible communications.

The boat was later found 15 miles north of Kandihera in Addu city around 4:00 in the morning by MNDF Coastguard’s fast interceptor craft Dhoshimeyna. The boat was escorted to Addu city and MNDF reported that everyone on board were in good health.