Ibthihaal case on hold due to lack of video conference facilities at Rakeedhoo Court

Afiya Mohamed Manik (R) pictured with her son, Mohamed Ibthihaal.

The court case over the death of Mohamed Ibthihal has suffered further delays due to lack of video conference facilities at the V. Rakeedhoo Magistrate Court needed to hear the testimony of the State’s witnesses in the case – many of whom are residents of Rakeedhoo and are unable to travel to Male’ City to attend the trial at the Criminal Court.

Ibthihaal, 3, was found beaten to death at his home in Rakeedhoo on January 28, 2015.

His mother, Afiya Mohamed Manik has been charged with homicide and disobedience.

The State has named nine witnesses to prove the charges against her.

Speaking at the Criminal Court hearing this Thursday, Senior Public Prosecutor Aishath Mohamed said that many of the State witnesses were residents of Rakeedhoo, and were unable to travel to Male’ to attend the trial at Criminal Court.

She noted that witness testimony therefore required video conference facilities, which the Rakeedhoo Magistrate Court lacked.

Mohamed Ibthihaal, 3, pictured sporting a black-eye ahead of his death on January 28, 2015. (File Photo)

She said that the State therefore planned on making arrangements so that the witnesses can travel to V. Fulidhoo to testify via video conference from the Fulidhoo Magistrate Court.

Aishath said that the police had promised their cooperation to make the necessary arrangements, and asked the court for additional time given that the year-end holiday had begun.

The judge has announced that he will schedule a hearing on December 10 to hear the witness testimony, and gave the option of postponing it to January 5 if the State failed to make the necessary arrangements.

The judge, before adjourning this Thursday’s hearing, asked Afiya if she wished to make any statement.

Afiya, who appeared forlorn as she sat at the court wearing a loose black dress and matching veil, responded that she did not wish to make a statement.