Sentencing in Ibthihaal's murder case postponed

Ibthihaal was a three-year old child who was found cruelly murdered inside his house in Rakeedhoo in 2015.

The sentencing hearing in the murder of three-year-old Mohamed Ibthihaal has been postponed. The child’s mother is accused of murder in the case that occurred in V. Rakeedhoo in January 2015.

The accused in the case, Afiya Mohamed Manik is also accused of noncompliance.

The criminal procedure code states that a sentencing hearing must be held within 30-days of concluding a trial.

The summary statements in the case were heard on February 26, and Judge Sameer, presiding over the case stated that sentencing hearing was to be scheduled for today. However, the hearing was not scheduled due to an assessment of the case underway, according to the Information Officer of the Criminal Court.

Afiya had admitted in the Magistrate Court of V. Thinadhoo to the murder of her son. She also pleaded guilty to the murder in the police investigation and Criminal Court hearings. However, Afiya later retracted her admission and denied harming Ibthihaal and to the murder as well.