World Cup matches on MediaNet

FIFA World Cup 2018 on MediaNet.

Leading cable TV company in the Maldives, Medianet, has announced that the 2018 FIFA Word Cup will be shown on their channels as well. 

Medianet has announced that they have received permission to rebroadcast the World Cup after the FIFA exclusive in the Indian region, Sony Pictures Networks have said that the World Cup coverage rights in the Maldives has been given to the state media, PSM, only. 

A statement issued by Medianet said that Sony Pictures Networks have the exclusive rights to for the FIFA World Cup 2018 coverage and that Medianet has signed a legitimate agreement with them to rebroadcast their channels on the Medianet platform. 

And so, similar to how other major competitions shown the channels of the Sony Pictures Networks are on Medianet, the matches of the 2018 FIFA World Cup will also be on Sony Ten 2 and Sony Ten 3 according to Medianet. 

Medianet has also announced that they are introducing the M580 decoder which would give customers to watch the matches in Ultra HD 4K available on the UHD channel of Sony Ten 2. 

The company said that they aim to provide top quality service to their customers with the latest technology. And with rumors and doubts that the most popular football tournament among the Maldivian will not be on Medianet this time, the company wishes to reassure the public and guarantee that the 2018 FIFA World Cup will be on the Medianet channels.