Woman hit by car driven by unlicensed individual

Hulhumale' Phase I: Two accidents reported from the suburb in the span of 24 hours. (Sun Photo/Fayaz Moosa)

A woman was injured after she was hit by a car driven by an individual without a license in Hulhumale’.

In a message to the media on Thursday, Police said an accident involving a collision between a car and a motorbike near Maldives Correctional Service in Reethigas was reported to the authority at approximately 16:40pm in the evening.

Police said the 35-year-old Maldivian woman injured in the accident is currently being treated at Tree Top Hospital. They did not specify the extent of injuries the woman received. 

Both vehicles were damaged to various extent in the accident, the Police added.

While the driver of the motorcycle held a valid license, the driver of the car did not.

An accident was reported from Hulhumale’ last night as well, where a pedestrian crossing the road was hit by a motorcycle. Both the pedestrian and the motorbike driver were taken to the hospital for medical treatment.

With road accidents increasing at an alarming rate in Greater Male' Area more recently, some of these incidents had fatal consequences as well.

Police said a total of 1,044 accidents were reported during the first four months of 2024 - which is a 355 increment in cases compared to the corresponding period last year.

In the first four months last year, 709 accidents were reported.