HDC begins payment collection from Thilafushi land owners

Reclaimed portion of Thilafushi Second Phase: HDC has begun contacting proprietors to collect payments for their purchased lands -- Photo: HDC

Housing Development Corporation (HDC) on Saturday confirmed it has begun contacting those who purchase land plots from Thilafushi Second Phase on bids, to collect payments.

HDC confirmed on X, it has achieved "Milestone 1" under the now publicized regulation on payment schedule for purchased lands.

The corporation said it has been contacting the proprietors to collect the "Milestone 1" payment according to the schedule.

HDC opened bids for a total of 108 unsold plots in Zone A - Area B for various commercial and industrial purposes. The plots included;

  • Type 1: between 2,500 and 4,999 square feet - 64 plots
  • Type 2: between 5,000 and 9,999 square feet - 42 plots
  • Type 3: between 10,000 and 14,999 square feet - 2 plots

The contractor has already fully reclaimed lands from the areas designated Area A, B, and E of Thilafushi Second Phase - which amounts of 120 hectares in total. HDC further confirmed 29 percent completion of Area B shore protection.

The corporation earlier on May 02nd, announced interested proponents, individuals and businesses, to submit bids via HDC's portal.

Thilafushi is being expanded and developed as the primary commercial and industrial hub of Greater Male' Area. Industrial activities carried out in the island include cement manufacturing, gas refilling, vessel building and repairs, and other similar works.