Three test positive for filariasis at Kooddoo; MIFCO screens all sites

Kooddoo Fisheries Complex. (Photo/MIFCO)

Three workers tested positive for filariasis, during a medical screening conducted last week on all migrant workers at Maldives Industrial Fisheries Company (MIFCO)’s fisheries complex in GA. Kooddoo.

Ibrahim Saeed, a spokesperson from MIFCO, told Sun on Sunday morning that all three workers were from the state of Uttar Pradesh, in northern India.

He said that all three workers were put on medication as soon as the diagnosis was made on Thursday.

He said that all three workers were now in stable condition.

“There’s nothing serious. All three are doing well now. They are on medication and are being treated. There’s no further danger at the moment,” he said.

Saeed said that the Kooddoo site alone employees 395 migrant workers. He said the positive cases have not affected the factory’s operations.

He added that a worker at the Felivaru site was also tested after he showed symptoms consistent with filariasis, but that the results came back negative.

The Felivaru site employees 507 migrant workers.

According to Saeed, MIFCO has initiated tests at all of the company’s sites, including the Felivaru fisheries complex, at instructions from the Health Protection Agency (HPA).

Filariasis is a disease caused by a chronic mosquito-borne parasitic infection. Chronic infection can lead to swelling of the extremities, hydroceles, and testicular masses. It is the second-largest cause of permanent deformity and disability behind leprosy worldwide.

The disease was eradicated from Maldives in 2016. However, cases have popped up periodically, among migrants who originated from endemic countries.