Changes to be made following research in order to combat drug smuggling via post

Minister of Cities, Local Government and Public Work Adam Shareef. (Photo/Ministry)

Local Governance Minister Adam Shareef Umar says postal systems implemented across other nations will be researched as part of efforts to eliminate drug smuggling into the Maldives via post.

Maldives Customs Service and Maldives Service, citing an increase in drug smuggling via post, is undertaking efforts to combat this.

In a post on X on Friday, Minister Adam Shareef expressed that Local Governance Ministry wishes to be a part of these efforts.

Speaking with Sun regarding the matter, Minister Adam Shareef underscored that although Maldives Post is a separate company, its work is overseen by the Ministry jointly with the Communications Authority of Maldives (CAM).

The Minister, noting government authorities have commenced discussions to combat drug smuggling via post, said he was expressing interest in participating in these discussions via his post on X.

He cited the government providing cooperation to the greatest extent possible in the efforts to combat drug smuggling as the goal.

“But as you may know, post service is a service that should be easily available to the public and should be arranged in a manner that does not impose burdens on them,” he added.

Henceforth, the Minister said postal systems implemented across other nations will be researched which would be followed by the necessary changes to the system.

Police, in a press conference on Thursday, expressed concern over increased drug smuggling via post as it is something that can be easily achieved by anyone.


In light of this, the Police said efforts have been initiated to reform the system in order to require registration to bring goods via post.