Vaikaradhoo battles power interruptions for five days

Resident enraged as power interruptions continue at HDh. Vaikaradhoo.

HDh. Vaikaradhoo residents have expressed concern over the uncertainty regarding when power can be restored to the island as the island battles power interruptions for five consecutive days.

The power interruptions at Vaikaradhoo began on Monday night after one of the generators used to provide electricity broke down.

Vaikaradhoo councilor Aminath Zeeniya said the power outage in the first two days was sudden while electricity is now provided to various areas of the island in accordance with a schedule as only one generator is utilized in the provision of service.

“It is stated in the bottom of the schedule that there could be a power outage at any time as electricity is provided using one generator. Even if there is a set schedule, [there are power outages] at various times in contrary to the schedule,” she said.

Noting that difficulties posed by lack of electricity would be exacerbated as it is Ramadan – Zeeniya said residents of the island have been breaking their fast without electricity since the power interruptions began.

A video has gone viral on social media Vaikradhoo resident roaming the island in a towel with soap lathered over his body after the power cut from his home while he was showering. In the video, the man remarked there was no way to collect water as the home’s well is underground.

Fenaka, which provides electricity to Vaikaradhoo, said in a post on Monday that they were working on purchasing a 250-kilowatt generator to resolve the issue. However, residents from the island report that an exact day power will be restored remains uncertain.

“Fenaka has not given us an exact date. Appliances of many people have been broken such as ACs and refrigerators. Wi-Fi service across the island has also ceased,” a resident said.