Scholars sought to conduct religious program in Bengali

A religious lecture held for the Bangladeshi population in Male' City previously. (Sun Photo/Mohamed Afraah)

Islamic Ministry is seeking scholars to conduct a religious awareness program for the Bangladeshi population in the Maldives in their native language.

The Ministry, in an announcement, said the purpose of this program is to educate Bangladeshis in the Maldives on the way of Islam and how to perform religious obligations in addition to conveying religious information in the most complete form.

The Ministry will be paying an allowance of MVR 500 for scholars conducting a session in Bengali under this program. Additionally, they will pay an additional MVR 1,000 for translation of religious sermons to Bengali.

Scholars who meet the following requirements set out by the Islamic Ministry can register to conduct the sessions:

  • Must be a Sunni muslim
  • Must have attained a degree related to religious studies from a university recognized by the Ministry.
  • Must not have a criminal record under the Religious Unity Act of the Maldives

Those interested in conducting the sessions have been instructed to submit the necessary documents to the Islamic Ministry before 2:00pm next Monday. Further information regarding the matter can be found on the Ministry’s announcement