Former Defense Min graces Air Corps inauguration ceremony

Former Minister of Defense attends the inauguration ceremony of the first-ever Air Corps division of the MNDF -- Photo/ President's Office

Former Minister of Defense, who served the government for decades, Ilyas Ibrahim graced the inaugration ceremony of the first Air Corps in the Maldives.

MNDF's Aicorps and Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Unit were established at the official ceremony on Friday evening, at Noonu atoll Maafaru.

While President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu was among the top row attendees, one of the main highlights was the presence of Ilyas Ibrahim, who generally avoids such public events.

Besides serving as a Defense Minister, Ilyas is a former Deputy Commander of MNDF, Deputy Minister of Defense National Security, Minister of State for Defense and National Security as well.

He also served as the Commander of the Civil and Military Aviation services.

 Considered as one of the most influential political leaders of his time, Ilyas's presence at Friday evening's ceremony was met with welcome by netizens, who took to social media platforms to express their delight to see the former minister.

He looked joyous and proud while his nephew, the current Minister of Defense Ghassan Maumoon, was speaking at the ceremony.

One of the most influential leaders to ever serve

Ilyas boasts of an impressive 40-year career as a public official, serving in various top government positions. He began his career in public office during former president Ibrahim Nasir's governance, after which he went on to become one of the most influential ministers during former president Maumoon Abdul Gayoom's lengthy tenure.

Throughout his career in various government positions, Ilyas was responsible with leading the military and police services, national security, and commercial and economical growth.

Various designations held by Ilyas Ibrahim

  • Deputy Commander of MNDF
  • Deputy Minister of Defense and National Security
  • State Minister to the Ministry of Defense and National Security
  • Minister of Trade and Industries (the first-ever Industries Minister)
  • Chairmand and Managing Director of STO
  • Minister of Atolls Administration
  • Minister of Transport and Civil Aviation (first-ever Civil Aviation Minister)
  • Minister of Health

From 1978 to 1990, he was the commander of civil and military aviation, and from 1998 to 2005 he was the Minister of Civil Aviation.

During his lengthy tenure serving the government, he served at ministerial level for 20 years and served in the parliament for another 30 years.

 In his heyday, Ilyas was known as a productive and energetic leader renowned for his leadership qualities. He maintained strong ties with the public as well, and is known to have visited various project sites in person to inspect them. Besides this, he is known to engage in said projects physically occasionally.

After concluding his lengthy political career in 2008, Ilyas relocated abroad, where he continued to reside.