10 arrested with drugs en route to uninhabited island

Police confiscate narcotics in an operation in M. Atoll on March 4, 2024. (Photo/Maldives Police Service)

Police arrested 10 people from a speedboat on Monday, on suspicion of transporting drugs and alcohol to an uninhabited island in M. Atoll.

The suspects were arrested in a joint operation run by the Muli Police Station, Kolhufushi Police Station and Police Intelligence.

In a press statement on Wednesday, the police said the operation was conducted based on intel of a group of people abusing and carrying narcotics to an uninhabited island on a speedboat operated in M. Mulah.

They were arrested from the waters off the coast of M. Hakuraahuraa.

Following searches of the boat, the belongings of the suspect and their persons, the police found 15 cellophane packets containing drugs, drugs packed in cans, and 35 bottles of alcohol.

The police arrested 10 people in connection to the case, and an additional person for obstructing the police from searching the boat and arresting the suspect.

The suspects arrested in the case were identified as persons between the age of 22-33.

They were presented before the Mulee Magistrate Court for their remand hearing.

According to police, the court granted conditional release to some of the suspects, while others were remanded in police custody for between 3-5 days.

The police did not specify how many suspects were released, or who remain in custody.

The case is under investigation by the police.