State withdraws appeal of the acquittal of 6 charged with murder of expat

Eight men charged with murder of a Bangladesh worker in L. Fonadhoo.

The Prosecutor General’s Office (PG Office) has withdrawn the appeal of the acquittal of six expatriates accused of slitting the throat of a Bangladeshi worker in L. Fonadhoo.

Mohamed Asan Ulla was found dead on the beach of Fonadhoo on March 30, 2017, two days after he was reported missing. Investigators later found he was killed four days before his body was discovered, on March 26, 2017.

Police arrested eight people in connection to the case – all of them Bangladeshi workers. One of the men – Abu Kalam, was charged with murder with intent, while the other seven were charged as accessories.

Criminal Court acquitted all eight men of the charges pressed against them on January 25, 2023. The Prosecutor General’s Office (PG Office) appealed the acquittal of six men to the High Court. They are:

  • Abu Kalam, Bangladesh, who was charged with murder with intent
  • Robel Mia, Bangladesh
  • Mohamed Sumon Mia, Bangladesh
  • Parvez, Bangladesh
  • Deen Islaam, Bangladesh
  • Al Ameen, Bangladesh

After reviewing the case, PG Office requested High Court to dismiss the appeal on Monday. Subsequently, the High Court, on Tuesday, dismissed the appeal, alongside an injunction to stop the deportation of the men.

As per the High Court ruling, the prosecution requested to withdraw the appeal over the fact that there is no interest in proceeding with the appeal in light of the evidence received and as the respondents are expatriates who have remained in custody for an extended period.

According to the prosecution, Abu Kalam attacked Asan as he sat on a bicycle in a street in Fonadhoo, after which he and the other seven defendants took him to the beach where they attacked him with a knife and slit his throat.