Pres Muizzu promises to expand Th. Atoll’s economy, create jobs

President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu visits Th. Kandoodhoo on February 7, 2024. (Photo/President's Office)

President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu says he plans on expanding the economy of Th. Atoll and creating various job opportunities.

On the Q&A platform ‘Raeesge Javaab’, Aishath Rauna, a resident of Th. Kinbidhoo, expressed concern over the lack of job opportunities in the region.

“Though we are able to do our A-levels in Veymandoo, we are forced to move to Male’ for employment after higher studies,” she said.

President Muizzu responded that he wishes to facilitate the opportunity for young men and women to gain employment from their atolls.

He acknowledged the lack of jobs in Th. Atoll, and said that industries must be expanded in the region.

President Muizzu highlighted on his efforts to establish a creator economy in the Maldives, and said it would allow Maldivian youth to sell their talents to the international market.

“I plan on expanding the economy in Th. Atoll in order to create jobs in the region,” he said.

President Muizzu is back in Male’ after concluding a three-day visit to Th. Atoll last week, during which he pledged to run multiple developmental projects.

He said he would build more resorts in Th. Atoll, link Veymandoo and Kinbidhoo via a causeway, and create more opportunities for higher education.