Power restored to Naifaru

An aerial shot of Lh. Naifaru. (Sun Photo/Ahmed Hassan)

The state utility company has fixed the issue with a generator at the powerhouse in Lh. Naifaru which led to power outages in the island last week.

The issue occurred last Wednesday, resulting in power outages in the island for four days.

Zakariyya Rimzan, the station manager for Fenaka Corporation’s branch in Naifaru, told Sun on Wednesday that the corporation fixed the issue with the generator and restored full electricity services to Naifaru on Sunday.

Rimzan said that the three generators in the powerhouse are no working at full capacity.

“All three generators are able to take the full load. We have been providing electricity services without interruption since [February] 4,” he said.

Rimzan said the corporation is also working on bringing in a 600 KW generator and 2,500 KW transformer as soon as possible.