Police investigate after woman beaten at Male’ beach

Protesters hold an anti-rape rally in Male' City on June 29, 2020. (File Photo/Sun/Fayaz Moosa)

Police have launched an investigation after a woman was reported to have been beaten on Saturday night, at the Artificial Beach in the Henveiru district of Male’ City.

A police spokesperson confirmed on Monday that the incident was reported to the authorities.

The police said they were investigating the case, but did not disclose any details.

Someone claiming to be the victim’s sister posted on X that she was beaten by her ex-husband while at the beach for her daily swim at around 08:00 pm on Saturday.

According to the post, the man beat the victim, dragged her on the ground and stomped on her stomach and privates, in front of multiple witnesses.

The social media user said that it was a Bangladeshi man who finally intervened and stopped the beating.

According to the post, the victim was in an abusing marriage with the suspect for the past 17 years, before she got a divorce through the court.

The X account reported that the suspect has a history of abusive behavior, and was previously reported to the police after he trespassed into the woman’s apartment, locked all the doors and windows, leaked gas, and then attempted to light up his lighter in order to cause an explosion.

The woman and their children were in the apartment at the time, reads the post.

The social media user said that the man was released after questioning and continued to break into the woman’s apartment and even destroyed household appliances.