Video showing Indian soldiers on Maldivian fishing vessel goes viral

A screengrab from video showing armed Indian soldiers aboard a Maldivian fishing vessel in Maldivian territory.

A video showcasing Indian soldiers aboard a Maldivian boat fishing in Maldivian waters went viral on social media on Friday.

Armed foreign soldiers had stormed three fishing vessels while fishing in Maldivian territory on Wednesday.

A video posted on social media by Bodu Kanneli Masveringe Union (BKMU), which initially reported Wednesday’s incident, shows two Indian soldiers on the upper deck of the boat. One of them is armed.

The crew member who shot the video states the soldiers aboard forced the rest of the crew to the back of the boat. The crew, alongside additional soldiers, are shown in the video.

The video also shows an Indian military ship near the fishing boat. A similar military ship is at a distance, which BKMU identified as an Indian military ship.

Two more Maldivian fishing boats the near the second military ship.

BKMU, on Wednesday, identified the three vessels as ‘Asuruma-3’, ‘Neru-7’ and ‘Maahoara-3’.

MNDF, in an earlier statement, said they were informed that the fishing boat was inside the Maldives Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) when a boarding team from a foreign military ship stormed the boat on Wednesday. They did not disclose the nationality of the soldiers.

The union said the soldiers had attempted to obtain the number of the satellite phone used aboard the vessel, adding that the captain, at that time, had acted under the instruction of the Coastguard while on the phone with them.