Ambassador: China will support more projects that align with Xi’s policies

Maldivian President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu is hosted at a banquet by Fujian provincial leaders on January 8, 2024. (Photo/President's Office)

Maldives will receive support for more development projects if they align with Chinese President Xi Jinping’s initiatives, says the top Chinese diplomat in Male’, Wang Lixin.

Wang, who accompanied Maldivian President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu in his state visit to China, made the remark in an interview to CGTN Radio.

In her interview, Wang said she believes there are three key factors to the strong relations between Maldives and China.

She said the first and most important factor is mutual political trust.

“During this visit, the two heads of state have announced the elevation of our bilateral relations to a Comprehensive Strategic Cooperative Partnership. This will provide a strong political guarantee for the future cooperation between the two countries,” she said.

Wang said the second factor is to strengthen docking of President Xi’s initiatives and the national development strategy of President Muizzu.

“And with this docking, I think we can decide on more projects that benefit the Maldivian people,” she said.

Wang said that the third one is to follow the principle of extensive consultation, joint construction, and also the shared benefits.

“I think that with these three key factors, we will have a very fruitful and sustainable cooperation in the future,” she said.