Internal investigation launched over missing ministry equipment

Youth Minister Ibrahim Waheed and Deputy Minister Malsha Shareef.

Ministry of Youth Empowerment, Information and Arts has launched an internal investigation over some of the equipment that had belonged to the former Ministry of Youth, Sports and Community Empowerment – which is now split into two ministries – going missing.

The equipment in question went missing during transfer to the Ministry of Sports, Fitness and Recreation – one of the two new ministries. They include six monitors, two CPUs, and a large screen TV.

The case has been submitted to the police following which the authority has also launched an investigation.

Youth Ministry, in a statement regarding the matter, said none of the employees of the former ministry and political appointees had not been involved in the transfer process.

The Ministry said the transfer was carried out under the supervision of the responsible head of the respective ministries.

Noting that the missing equipment had belonged to the Sports Ministry, Youth Ministry said an internal investigation has been launched after the matter came to their attention.

The case of the missing equipment was filed with the police last Wednesday.