17 additional deputy ministers appointed to govt. ministries

President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu chairs a cabinet meeting. (Photo/President's Office)

President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu, on Thursday, has appointed 20 additional deputy ministers to government ministries.

President Muizzu has been undertaking efforts to form his government since assuming office on November 17th. In this trajectory, he has been making appointments to various government ministries including state ministers and deputy ministers. 20 deputy ministers were appointed to various government ministries on Wednesday as well.

With the new appointments on Thursday, the total amount of deputy ministers appointed to government ministries since President Muizzu assumed office has risen to 63.

Thursday’s appointees are as follows;

  • Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs -Ibrahim Shaaz Habeeb
  • Deputy Minister of Homeland Security and Technology - Amaany Mohamed
  • Deputy Minister of Education - Aminath Nazima
  • Deputy Minister of Education - Aminath Maria
  • Deputy Minister of Education - Shajah Firaaq
  • Deputy Minister of Health - Ali Nasir
  • Deputy Minister of Tourism - Nashima Abdul Latheef
  • Deputy Minister of Tourism - Ibrahim Suood
  • Deputy Minister of Tourism - Ashhad Saeed
  • Deputy Minister of Social and Family Development - Hasma Hassan Maniku
  • Deputy Minister of Social and Family Development - Aminath Namza
  • Deputy Minister of Social and Family Development - Aminath Ismail
  • Deputy Minister of Housing, Land and Urban Development - Azhar Abdulla Saeed
  • Deputy Minister of Transport and Civil Aviation - Ibrahim Yasir
  • Deputy Minister of Higher Education, Labour and Skills Development - Aminath Shashee
  • Deputy Minister of Youth Empowerment, Information and Arts - Mariyam Shiuna
  • Deputy Minister of Cities, Local Government and Public Works - Ibrahim Fayaz