DBA's 'Askani Maurazu' kicks off

Madulu Waheed opening the DBA's book exhibition. (Photo/Dhivehi Bahuge Academy)

The "Askani Mauraz 2023" of the Dhivehi Bahuge Academy (DBA), which offers old and recent Dhivehi books, kicked off today.

The book fair was opened by the Special Envoy of the DBA, Mohamed Waheed (Madulu).

The DBA said that the exhibition is designed to provide a wide range of Dhivehi books to the public at affordable prices.

The fair will be held from 9:00 am to 5:30 pm today at the Dhivehi Bahuge Academy.

Students buying books at the book exhibition. (Photo/Dhivehi Bahuge Academy)

DBA's Assistant Director Mariyam Nusra told Sun regarding the exhibition that books will be available there at 20 percent cheaper than the usual price.

In addition, Nusra said a large number of diverse books will be available for purchase at the fair. There will be literary books, history books, children’s books, pamphlets, novels, and essay books by former writers, as well as information books, she said.

She added that many of the books available at the exhibition have been reprinted because there were no longer any of the preciously printed versions left. She mentioned that the 'Bahuge Hamaige Aiymathee foiy', 'Dhivehi Bahuge Gavaaidhu', 'Pyrad ge Galamun Dhivehi Raajje' and Jameel's plays were previously out of print but were published for this exhibition.

Madulu Waheed and President of the Dhivehi Bahuge Academy, Dr Ashraf Abdul Raheem, at the opening of the Askani Mauraz 2023. (Photo/Dhivehi Bahuge Academy)

These books will be available only from the DBA, she said. 

He said the main objective of the exhibition is to promote the Dhivehi language and to provide many books on Dhivehi language and history to the public at affordable prices.

The book fair is held annually by DBA.