'Hasty government transactions made during this period will be considered corruption'

President-elect Dr. Mohamed Muizzu speaks at an event. (Photo/PPM)

President-elect Dr Mohamed Muizzu's office, today, said initiating new business transactions with respect to state properties amid the current transitional period and closing them with haste will leave space for allegations of corruption.

A statement that the office released said that the initiation of entirely new business transactions and the hasty completion of such transactions and agreements involving state assets and funds could be considered corruption. 

The statement also said that the transitional phase of the change in government is linked to the decision of the people agreeing to new policies and changing the government. Therefore, the spirit of this phase should be the transition of powers to facilitate the work of the new government elected by the people.

In addition, the statement said that if such corrupt practices are identified, the manner in which such activities are conducted will be investigated and legal action will be taken against those who have facilitated corruption.

Therefore, the government was urged to pay attention to such activities within the legal framework. The statement also called for the protection of state property, money and financial transactions in accordance with the rules of law to allow for the policies that the new government has decided to implement for the people.

In addition, the statement also encouraged state institutions and government companies to comply with the laws and regulations. The statement also urged the people to respect the decision and the spirit of this process instead of trying to rush such transactions.

In a statement issued last night, the office said Urbanco is working to complete business transactions related to land in Hulhumale during the transitional phase. The statement also said that the Office of the President-elect is concerned about the hasty, commercial transactions relating to the lands at this stage, and is further concerned that these transactions, in particular, include land leases to foreign parties.

This will hamper the implementation of the policies of the new government and the entire Maldivian state will have the opportunity to suffer, it said.