Karman Week to begin in Maldives on Wednesday

The Karman Project, an internationally recognized non-profit foundation comprising leaders from across the global space sector is bringing their high-level delegation of Karman Fellows to the Maldives for the flagship event, ‘Karman Week’.

In collaboration with the Maldives Space Research Organisation (MSRO) and Six Senses Laamu, the events are set to take place from Wednesday-Sunday. 

The event is especially focused toward Maldivian students.

The highlight of Karman Week 2023 is the open invitation public panel discussion about careers in space organized in coordination with the Ministry for Higher Education and the Maldives National University held on Wednesday 09:30-11:00 am at the MNU Auditorium.

Interested parties have been invited to register for the panel discussion.

The annual Fellowship Week will witness the convergence of 15 global space leaders at Six Senses Laamu - the pre-eminent sustainable resort in the Maldives, and home to the Maldives Underwater Initiative - marking a crucial milestone in the Maldives' journey towards establishing a first national space ecosystem.

The collective goal of the event is to showcase international cooperation in action, accelerating efforts in leveraging satellite technologies to bolster the nation's climate resilience initiatives through shared expertise.

"The Karman Project and the Maldives Space Research Organization share a joint commitment to advancing space technology for the betterment of our planet," said Hannah Ashford, Managing Director of The Karman Project.

"Through Karman Week, we aim to combine our collective expertise and resources to empower the Maldives in building a sustainable and resilient national space program."

The 2023 cohort of Karman Fellows were selected earlier this year in recognition of their professional accomplishments includes astronauts, space agency directors, corporate directors, leading entrepreneurs, investors, researchers and artists from 12 countries.

The 2023 Karman Week will encompass comprehensive workshops, collaborative brainstorming sessions, field trips and local outreach engagements, fostering an environment for innovative ideas and cross-cultural knowledge exchange.

Participants will delve into pertinent topics such as climate monitoring systems, capacity building, effective space policy design and the current state of space exploration.

Highlights of the program include:

  • A public panel discussion in Male’ about careers in space, organized in coordination with the Maldives Ministry for Higher Education and the Maldives National University
  • An intensive Space-for-Maldives Workshop, with participants from the Maldives Underwater Initiative, an award-winning marine conservation initiative made up of resort marine biologists and three partners, the Manta Trust, Blue Marine Foundation and the Olive Ridley Project
  • A visit to the Hithadhoo School, where Fellows will work alongside students to design postcards to send into space with Club for the Future
  • Engagement activities with the guests of Six Senses Laamu, including guided stargazing, an inspirational talk and art projects
  • An internal “Chatham House Day”, in which the Fellows will address pertinent issues and challenges facing the future of the space sector
  • Field trips, including snorkeling and scuba diving to experience the biodiversity and life of the Maldivian coral reefs

“Karman Week is a cornerstone event in the international space community, bringing together a diverse group of leaders keen on fostering global collaboration in space,” said Madin Maseeh, President of the Maldives Space Research Organization.

“This year's edition being in the Maldives is symbolic and historic. It marks our nation's entry into a vital global dialogue and showcases our aspirations in the space sector. Our shared ambition is to not only engage in meaningful discussions, but to also catalyze initiatives that will help position the Maldives as an active participant in space exploration and research.”

The decision to bring the distinguished annual Fellowship Week to the Maldives followed The Karman Project’s participation in the inaugural Space for Island Nations Conference earlier this year, in which topics such as resilient communities, the ‘Blue Ocean Economy’, equatorial opportunities, and new space policy making were addressed.

The Karman Project, the Maldives Space Research Organization, Six Senses Laamu and the Maldives Underwater Initiative will continue to work together beyond the flagship event, committing to a longer-term vision for the development of “Digital Earth Maldives”, a robust monitoring system for the nation.