Applications for MAHRP HR Excellence Awards open

The Maldives Association of Human Resource Professionals (MAHRP) has opened chance to apply for the Human Resource Excellence Award.

The award is given to companies that have a strong focus on private individuals and employees in the field of human resources.

The award was introduced by Cabinet Secretary of the President's Office Ahmed Hassan Didi at a special ceremony held on the National HR Day.

The MAHRP Human Resource Excellence Awards include three awards for individuals and seven awards for companies. The individual awards for this field are:

  • Outstanding HR Leaders of the Year
  • Imagine HR Leaders Award
  • Excellence in Women HR Leader

The awards for companies that prioritize employee matters and run it in a reliable way are:

  • Excellence in HR Innovation
  • Excellence in Workplace Culture
  • Excellence in Talent Development
  • Excellence in Employees Wellness and Wellbeing
  • Excellence in Equity Diversity and Inclusion
  • Excellence in HR tech
  • Most People Focus Leader.

The purpose of these awards is to recognize the skills of professionals working in the field of people building and management and encourage them to continue in their work.The award also aims to familiarize young people with the field and encourage them to continue in this work.

In addition, the awards also aim to encourage companies to place greater emphasis on human resource development, to find and use positive and innovative ways to develop human resources, and to recognize that employees are key partners in the success of companies and agencies.

Applications for the award were opened on Thursday.The deadline for applications is December 15.Applications and additional information are available on the MAHRP website.

MAHRP is an organization that works to raise awareness and build people in the field of human resources.The association has been in existence for five years and has conducted many different programs related to the human resource sector.