Singer Ammadey under investigation for sexual violence

Singer Ahmed Ibrahim (Ammadey).

Police have revealed that they are investigating a case against singer Ahmed Ibrahim (Ammadey) involving sexual violence allegations.

Police told Sun that the case was reported to the authority on September 27th. They detailed that the allegations pertain to domestic violence in addition to sexual violence.

A person recently accused Ammadey of assaulting a former girlfriend on social media. In the post, the person accused Ammadey of assaulting and sexually abusing the woman in question on September 27th.

It was further detailed that Ammadey had choked the woman – which was witnessed by her child.

The person, citing the woman had filed a complaint with the police, expressed concern over the fact that no action has been taken in the case despite a week having passed.

Ammadey defended himself in a social media post on Thursday. He said his friends will be well aware that he has never raised a hand towards any person ever.

He also expressed willingness to cooperate with the police in the case, and officially respond to the allegations.