Traffic disruption at Sinamale’ bridge resolved after almost two hours

Cars queued up in Sinamale' bridge after four-car pileup disrupted traffic flow on October 6, 2023. (Sun Photo/Rugiyya Mohamed Moosa)

The disruption of the traffic flow at Sinamale’ bridge on Friday evening as a result of an accident at the highway connecting Hulhule’ and Hulhumale’ has now been resolved, states the police.

Police officers were at the scene after a collision involving four cars at the highway's Male' to Hulhumale' lane. The accident disrupted the traffic flow at the bridge and the highway – resulting in many people crossing the bridge on vehicles to get stuck.

Police, on late Friday evening, said the disruption has been resolved. They thanked the public for the cooperation rendered in resolving the issue.

Sun has learned that one person injured in the accident is presently being treated at Hulhumale’ Hospital. Police, however, did not disclose any information regarding the injured individual.

A bystander told Sun that approximately 100 cars were stuck on the bridge and highway this evening as a result of the accident which hindered transportation including that of public buses.