Vaadhoo ballot box smashed open

A ballot box in GDh. Vaadhoo is damaged in the 2023 presidential election runoff on September 30, 2023.

One person has been detained, after a ballot box in the polling station in GDh. Vaadhoo for the presidential election runoff was smashed open, leaving ballot papers scattered on the floor.

The person who caused the damage was taken into police custody.

According to the police, the box was smashed by a person who went to the polling station to vote.

EC’s secretary-general Hassan Zakariyya said the ballots will be counted despite the damage to the box, as long as the ballot papers themselves aren’t damaged.

Polling in the presidential election runoff began at 08:00 am and closed at 05:00 pm.

The candidates contesting the runoff are; MDP’s Ibrahim Mohamed Solih, the incumbent president, against Dr. Mohamed Muizzu, the opposition PPM-PNC’s candidate.