Dr. Ashraf: A post is useless when there’s no honesty or sincerity

Dhivehi Bahuge Academy’s president Dr. Ashraf Abdul Raheem. (Sun Photo)

There’s no use of remaining in a post if one lacks honesty or sincerity, says Dhivehi Bahuge Academy’s president Dr. Ashraf Abdul Raheem.

He made the remark during the oath taking ceremony for prefects of the Rehendhi School in Hulhumale’ on Tuesday.

At the ceremony, Ashraf stressed the heavy responsibility thrust upon the prefects – responsibility that he said needs honesty and sincerity to execute.

“One must be honest and sincere towards one’s position. You must let go of the practice of going to school because the principal said so, or because you got a badge, or because you can’t stay in bed because of your mother,” he said.

Ashraf asked all students to horn good virtues and values.

“As you swear this great oath and take on these responsibilities, you must practice these good values,” he said.

In addition to honesty and sincerity, Ashraf also urged students to practice compassion and care for the poor.

Ashraf said that not all students may do academically well, and have different strengths.

“So, you must love and honor all your talents,” he said.

“And the parents who are behind each student, making numerous sacrifices. The sacrifices they make to send their children to school. And the sacrifices teachers make daily to teach you. You must understand all this,” he said.

Ashraf said that students must consider how they will build their own future, amid the changing world.