Gan residents demonstrate over delay in plot enlargement

Protestors gathered outside the L. Gan Council headquarters on September 25, 2023.

Residents of L. Gan staged a demonstration outside the council headquarters on Monday, over the delay in approval from the Planning Ministry for requests by owners of 400 plots of land issued from the island in 2018, to enlarge their plots.

Videos on social media show a large crowd of protesters gathered outside the council headquarters, holding banners and signs. Several council members were seen at the scene.

The government issued 400 plots measuring 2,000 square feet from vacant land in three districts of Gan in 2018.

Gan Council’s president Ahmed Zaki told Sun on Monday that many of the people awarded the land had petitioned the council to enlarge the size of the plots they received.

The council decided to double the size of the plots.

“After passing this decision, we submitted it to the Planning Ministry for approval. The ministry said it cannot be done without compiling the land use plan,” said Zaki.

Zaki said the council submitted the land use plan to the ministry on September 3, but has yet to receive approval.

He said that the demonstrators were protesting over the delay.

He said that demonstrators began gathering outside the council headquarters at around 09:30 am Monday.

“Practically everyone awarded the 400 plots are here. We need the ministry’s response and for the people to get their land in order to resolve this situation,” he said.