Nasheed to visit Yameen to discuss governing system

Former President Nasheed (R) with the newly elected President Abdulla Yameen Abdulla Gayoom (L) on the day he was sworn into office. (Sun File Photo)

Former President Mohamed Nasheed has said that he is trying to go to Maafushi tomorrow in order to meet PPM/PNC leader, former President Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayoom so that they can discuss taking a vote to decide the system of governance of the Maldives.

The Democrats held a meeting at Dhon Manik Sky View today and Nasheed said it was useful to consult Yameen when making a change in the system.

“I have asked the Secretary General of Parliament to let me go to Maafushi tomorrow.I want to ask President Yameen to bring about a change in the system of government and vote as he sees fit and if we can help him, before the second round of the presidential elections," Nasheed said.

Nasheed, who leads The Democrats who are in talks with MDP and PPM to decide which party to support in the second round of the presidential election, said it would be clear to MDP that they cannot always wait for the MDP to decide. Nasheed said that The Democrats should decide tomorrow or the next day, whether with or without conditions, as the PPM says.

“I believe that we are giving MDP enough time as well. We need to set a deadline. I hope that the council will hold discussions regarding this,” Nasheed said.

In addition, Nasheed said, the people vote in accordance with the Constitution. However, the government is not always formed as per the Constitution, he said.

He further said that while presidential candidates have to make coalitions if they are unable to win the election in one round and that there are no guidelines for what to do when the coalitions come to an end.

The Democrats' presidential candidate Ilyas Labeeb moved a resolution in parliament on Wednesday calling for a vote on the system. The resolution has not yet been decided.

Maldives adopted a presidential system in 2007 after a yes or no vote in then President Maumoon Abdul Gayoom’s administration. Majority of the people voted to keep the governing system as a presdiential system.

During that vote, both Nasheed and Yameen voted in favour of the parliamentary system. 

The main reason that led to issues between Nasheed and President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih, and ultimately the formation of The Democrats with members that supported Nasheed leaving MDP and forming the party, was a disagreement between what they thought the governing system should be.