Fuad: No foreign influence in any election-related matter

Election Commission (EC)'s chairman Fuad Thaufeeq. (Sun Photo/Mohamed Hayyan)

Elections Commission (EC)’s Chairman Fuad Thaufeeq, on Friday, assured that there is no foreign influence in any matter related to the presidential election slated for tomorrow.

Briefing Sun on the final preparations for the elections – Fuad noted that EC was receiving all assistance required from both Maldives Police Service and Maldives National Defense Force (MNDF) to ensure the fairness of Saturday’s election.

“It was police that transported all materials required to islands under oversight,” he added.

Fuad also said EC continues to receive full cooperation from all presidential candidates.

He expressed hope for this year’s election to be one that is fair and acceptable to the people.

Fuad also responded to allegations that some Indian nationals have been registered to vote in the election. Underscoring EC had received complaints claiming the same, Fuad said further investigations uncovered these individuals as children of Maldivian women who have married Indian nationals.

“They are Maldivian children, with Maldivian ID cards. None of the complaints we received actually involved an Indian national,” he detailed.

Fuad also refuted allegations of foreign influence in the election; allegations that had been raised by opposition parties. He went on to describe Saturday’s election as one that is independent of foreign influence – stressing there was no obstruction in ensuring a fair and independent election.

The head of EC also urged the public to return to their homes immediately after voting.

“I have to advise them to busy themselves with other things after voting. To refrain from campaign activities. If such things come to light, we will take action under the relevant regulations,” he said.

He appealed to the public’s full cooperation in ensuring a peaceful election, without disturbances.