Met Office: Fine weather expected nationwide on voting day

A ferry departing from Male' City during good weather.

Maldives Metrological Service (Met Office), on Friday, said fine weather is expected nationwide tomorrow as Maldivians citizens prepare to vote in a heated presidential election contested by eight candidates.

Many citizens are expected to travel, via sea and air, to cast their votes. Weather condition on the day, therefore, is expected to impact the outcome of the election.

Met Office, when asked regarding their forecast for Saturday, said fine weather is expected nationwide. However, they noted the possibility of showers in northern and central islands.

“Weather in the south is expected to be good,” Met Office’s forecaster had said.

The forecaster said strong winds were unlikely in any Maldivian region tomorrow. Subsequently, the sea will be calm.

Maldives recorded rough weather earlier in the week, with Met Office issuing weather alerts to various regions on several occasions.