Tholal: MDP working to win the election by badmouthing Muizzu

Opposition PPM-PNC coalition's campaign spokesperson Mohamed Tholal holds a press conference. (Photo/PPM)

Opposition PPM-PNC coalition’s campaign spokesperson Mohamed Tholah has accused the main ruling MDP of trying to win the presidential election by badmouthing the coalition’s presidential candidate Dr. Mohamed Muizzu.

Speaking at a press conference held at PPM headquarters on Monday, Tholal reiterated the opposition’s allegations of MDP anti-campaigning against Muizzu.

He said MDP was anti-campaigning because they have nothing to show in front of the residents, thereby, their only course of action being badmouthing the opponent candidate.

“Because there is nothing to sell about you, have to opt for badmouthing the other person. To establish one’s competency by making up lies about the other person,” he said.

Tholal strongly criticized MDP’s presidential candidate, President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih over the matter.

“There is nothing to sell about yourself even after five years in presidency. There is nothing to talk about because a service acceptable to the people has not been provided. Subsequently, the way forward is by badmouthing the opponent, right?” he said.

Tholal said false information regarding Muizzu has been stated during serial press conferences held by President Solih’s campaign spokesperson Mariya Ahmed Didi. He also alleged that it was MDP disseminating documents containing false information regarding Muizzu in Male’ City.

The opposition PPM-PNC coalition has filed a complaint with the Elections Commission over the alleged anti-campaigning, calling for a urgent investigation and action.