Muizzu: A coastal tourism project planned for Gan and Fonadhoo

Dr Mohamed Muizzu with the supporters that came to welcome him in L. Kadhdhoo on September 1, 2023.

PPM, PNC candidate, Dr Mohamed Muizzu said last night that he will implement a coastal tourism project which will include both L. Fonadhoo and Gan.

Muizzu arrived at Laamu Atoll yesterday, where more than a thousand people came out to welcome him.

Speaking at a campaign rally in FOnadhoo last night, Muizzu said that he will implement a coastal tourism project that will comprise both Fonadhoo and Gan, but he did not elaborate on the project.

Muizzu further expressed his vision to improve and promote tourism in Laamu Atoll.

He said he is confident he will get full cooperation from the atoll in winning the election in a single round.

Dr Mohamed Muizzu speaking at a campaign rally.

He said there are many things related to the development of Hahdhunmathi.

“If development is to be achieved, it must be sustainable. In terms of sustainable development, I am saying that we will provide services equally regardless of whether they are small or large,” MUizzu said.

However, even if the target is to provide services to all villages, the best development will come from consolidation, he said.

“It is not something that will be done by force. Nor can it be done,” Muizzu said.

He further said that a land reclamation project will be implemented in Fonadhoo with the aim of balancing population and development and gaining economic benefits. He also said that there will be housing projects in both Fonadhoo and Gan.

He added that language schools will be built in three regions of the country in order to promote tourism in the country. He pledged to build a language school along with university campuses in Fonadhoo.

He also pledged to build a convention centre in Fonadhoo as well.

Muizzi said that the Baresdhoo Integrated Resort, which was started during the administration of former President Yameen Abdul Gayoom, will also be restarted, a hotel school will be built on Hulhimendhoo, and that the island will be developed as a resort.

“If the place can offer training on the spot with employment a resort has been run as well. Income is also received. People will also be trained. More people will be getting jobs,” Muizzu said.

In addition, the most important thing for tourism in the province is to develop the Kadhdhoo airport and make it an international airport, he said. He also said that he intends to build another airport in the province.

Other pledges made for Laamu Atoll by Muizzu:

  • Relocation of government offices in Fonadhoo to one building
  • Paving and developing roads in Fonadhoo
  • Establishing a good quality sports arena in Fonadhoo
  • A trans-shipment port with bunkering service in Gaadhoo
  • Hastening the tertiary hospital construction in Gan