Pres Solih makes multiple pledges Maavah constituents, including young Anam

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih visited three islands in the Maavah constituency in his campaign tour on Tuesday. His first stop was L. Maavah – the island in the constituency with the biggest population.

A young girl, Anam, was among the first in the line welcoming President Solih to Maavah. She told the president; “I want to walk to an airplane.”

Like Anam, many in the region want a second airport.

Addressing a rally in Maavah, President Solih pledges to have a second airport in the L. Atoll ready during his next term.

“This is a pledge we make. A pledge that we will, In Sha Allah, deliver,” he said.

Many of President Solih’s supporters in the island expressed confidence he will win re-election in round one of voting.

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih visits L. Maabaidhoo on August 29, 2023. (Photo/MDP)

“I believe President Solih deserves a second term. Because many things have been done for this island during this administration. Look, the work on Fenaka, and the work on the sea wall are complete,” said one resident.

At the rally, President Solih made several pledges to Maavah.


  • Conversion of futsal field to a turf field
  • Construction of a new volleyball court
  • Construction of rowhouses
  • Land reclamation
  • Re-development of main roads with asphalt
  • Upgrade of health center’s services
President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih visits L. Kunahandhoo on August 29, 2023. (Photo/MDP)

President Solih’s next stop was L. Kunahandhoo. Many waited in line for his arrival, despite the light drizzle.


  • Construction of an extension building and a laboratory at the health center
  • Development of the harbor
  • Development of a turf field
  • Construction of a volleyball court

“I see a lot of youth in this island. I want you all to use your passion and enthusiasm and get this done in this island too,” said President Solih, addressing a rally in Kunahandhoo.

His last stop in the Maavah constituency was L. Hithadhoo, where he made more pledges.


  • Re-development of the main roads with asphalt
  • Installation of turfs in the football field
  • Construction of a modern volleyball court
  • Development of the health center

His last stop on Tuesday was L. Maamendhoo.

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih visits L. Kunahandhoo on August 29, 2023. (Photo/MDP)


  • Land reclamation
  • Construction of flats or rowhouses
  • Development of a designated swimming area
  • Construction of an indoor badminton court
  • Re-development of main roads with asphalt
  • Upgrade and conversion of the health center to a 24/7 facility