All the Democrats MPs inform parliament of party change

News conference held by the Democrats. (Photo/The Democrats)

All MPs representing The Democrats in the People’s Majilis, have filed a letter of change of party.

Speaking at a news conference today, the Democrats' presidential candidate’s spokesperson, Maafannu North Constituency MP Imthiyaz Fahmy, said that all 15 members who have signed for the Democrats have officially informed the parliamentary office that they have changed their party.

With the change in the parliamentary register, the committees have been formed, but the last session of the People’s Majilis has been delayed because some Democrats have not submitted the letter saying they have signed for the party.

Referring to that, Imthiyaz said the party would not be an obstacle to the work of the People’s Majilis and would give its full cooperation.

“We will give our cooperation in this. We will not be an obstacle to the work of the Parliament,” Imthiyaz said.

Imtiaz repeated his accusation of how it is the pro-government MDP members obstruct the work of the parliament.

The no-confidence motion against the Speaker, Vice-Speaker and two ministers has been tabled in Parliament but the committees have not been reconstituted and so those issues have been postponed.

In the first sitting of the third term, the Speaker, Mohamed Nasheed, announced that he had decided not to proceed with the appointment of committees as the Democrats had not submitted the letter of change of party.

The current parliamentary register includes 56 members from the MDP, 14 from the Democrats, five from PPM, three from PNC and MNP each, two from Jumhoory Party and two from MDA.