Completion of water and sewerage project at Maalhos lay concerns to rest

An aerial shot of B. Maalhos.

The water and sewerage project undertaken by MWSC in B. Maalhos has reached completion.

The water project involved the construction of the facility needed to house the water plant, laying down the main water pipeline network, construction of an RO facility, installation of RO plants and water tanks to store the water in addition to installation of water meters in households and providing water connections.

The sanitation project meanwhile involved laying down main sanitation network, a pipeline,  pump stations and a sea outflow in addition to establishing junctions in households and providing sanitation connections.

MWSC will also be providing generator sets and vehicles needed to manage sanitation services, and facilities needed to check water quality.

Commenting on the completion of the project, Maalhos Council President Abdulla Shujau told Sun that the services will be made available to residents within the next two days.

Underscoring the completion of the sanitation project had laid the most prominent concern of Maalhos residents to rest – Shujau said despite sanitation being one of the most basic services, no efforts had been made to provide the service on the island until now.

“I thank the current administration on behalf of all residents of the island for facilitation of the service for us,” he added.

Maalhos water and sewerage project was contracted to MWSC by Planning, Housing and Infrastructure Ministry for MVR 60.45 million. The completion of the project will provide clean drinking water and safe sanitation for Maalhos, that has a population of 486.