RDC’s CFO sues two media outlets over ‘false reports’

Road Development Corporation (RDC)’s Chief Financial Officer Yasir Hassan.

Road Development Corporation (RDC)’s Chief Financial Officer Yasir Hassan has filed lawsuits against two local media outlets for defamation, alleging they published false reports.

Several media outlets had carried reports that Yasir transferred MVR 13 million from RDC’s account to his personal bank account.

Yasir confirms he has filed lawsuits against two media outlets over the reports – Mihaaru and Dhiyares.

He described the allegation against him as “an attempt to ruin the company’s reputation.”

Yasir said he found such acts “unacceptable”, and would take “all necessary measures to protect the company’s rights.”

Yasir said that all of RDC’s financial transactions complied with accounting standards since he joined the company in 2020. He said that the company was regularly audited, and that none of the audits had uncovered any such suspicious activity.

He said that though he is the CFO, he does not have the authority to take funds from the company’s account and conduct transactions.

He said that the work is carried out by staff specifically hired for the purpose.

He provided assurance that there had been no transfers from the company’s account to his private account.

Yasir alleged the claims against him were spread to serve a specific agenda, and said he would provide his full cooperation to investigators.