RDC: Unaware being investigated over financial activity

Police Headquarters, Shaheed Hussain Adam Building. (Sun file photo/Ihthisham Adam)

Road Development Corporation (RDC) states the company has not been informed by either the police or the central bank on being under investigation for any suspicious financial activity.

The allegations came to light after some media outlets reported MVR 13 million was transferred from RDC’s account to the company’s Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Yasir Hassan’s personal account.

The media outlets, in their reports, drew a link in the transaction to RDC’s Managing Director Moosa Ali Manik Mookey (Mookey).

RDC, in a statement on the matter, said neither the police or the central bank have informed the company of being under investigation over suspicious financial activity, or their intention to probe such a case in this trajectory.

The company, underscoring that their financial transactions are carried out in compliance with the financial laws in place in the Maldives while also in adherence with the company’s policies, stressed the stringent measures to cut down any opportunities for illegitimate financial activity.  

RDC, noting media outlets reported the transfer of MVR 13 million from the company’s account to the personal account of its CFO Yasir without verification, gave assurance that no such transactions have taken place.

The company, underscoring they are regularly audited, said a special audit of the company is presently underway. They stressed no such transactions have been uncovered during this audit either.

Sun has learned that police are probing the case as that of an embezzlement and money laundering case.

Police, however, have yet to disclose any further information regarding the case. When questioned after the allegations came to light, police, in their only comment to the press, said they were investigating a case related to RDC.

Reliable sources confirm that the case was reported to the police by Maldives Monetary Authority (MMA)’s Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU).

Mookey and Yasir are close friends. Yasir had recently wed Mookey’s younger sister.