Opposition parties voice lack of confidence in EC

Members of The Democrats and Progressive coalition pictured together during their first offical meeting to form al allience.

Opposition political parties in Maldives have come forth with concerns about lack of confidence in the Election Commission (EC).

On Sunday, Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM), People’s National Congress (PNC), (MNP), Jumhoory Party (JP), Maldives Reform Movement (MRM) and The Democrats, held a press conference regarding this.

Speaking to the press, Hassan Latheef from The Democrats said that a survey conducted in the end of last year showed that about 57 percent people did not trust EC.

“Based on the things happening right now, we not have confidence in EC,” said Hassan Latheef.

Talking in this manner, Shiyam said that PPM has a lot of obstacles, but EC has done said noting in their defence, or done anything to resolve it.

“We give this assurances to the supporters of our party (and) Maldivians that we will not allow EC to remain silent like this,” said Shiyam.

Addressing the gathering, MP for Vilimale’ Ahmed Usham who is from MNP noted that the Constitution calls EC to provide the people with a free and fair election.

“MNP has concerns due to the current actions by EC. We also have major concerns on the lack of timely actions on things,” he said.

Meanwhile the MP for Kendhoo Ali Hussain who is from JP accused some members from EC of obstructing the registration of new political party – The Democrats. He said that this makes the level of influence on EC very clear.

He went on to note that EC “closed its eyes” to the influences by the government during the recent by-elections, and pretended that it was not under their mandate. Moreover, he accused some members of working as government agents.

“The kind of free and fair election we are talking about cannot be held if the Election Commission is working for the interests of the government, or the majority party at the time. JP also has concerns regarding this, and so that is why we have come here today.”

Ismail Zabeen who represented MRM at the press conference said that the party already has a court case against EC, asking to overthrow the commission’s decision to dissolve the party.

“Because we have lost faith in the commission due to the things that happened to us, and as the Presidential Election is coming up, we need to inform the people to overcome this,” said Zabeeh.

Despite targeting harsh criticism at some of the members of the EC, Zabeer had much praises for the president of the commission Fuad Thaufeeq. He called on Fuad to come out with the challenges faced by the commission.