MRM’s Zabeeh dismissed from deputy minister post

Ismail Zabeeh. (Photo/Twitter)

Ismail Zabeeh, who was appointed deputy minister at the Higher Education Ministry on a slot of Maldives Reform Movement (MRM), has been dismissed from the post.

The President’s Office’s Spokesperson Miuvaan Mohamed confirmed his dismissal to Sun on Friday, without disclosing the reason behind his dismissal.

The President’s Office has previously stated only individuals who support the policies of President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih can remain in political posts within the government. In line with this, the office said individuals who do not support the president’s policies will be dismissed from their posts.

Only Adhaalath Party from the parties included in the incumbent government coalition accepted President Solih’s invitation to form a coalition with Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) for the upcoming presidential elections. While MRM has not taken a decision yet, Jumhoory Party (JP) has decided to contest independently.

The only other political party that accepted the invitation to form a coalition was Maldives Development Alliance (MDA), which is not included in the incumbent government coalition.

President Solih has previously remarked the coalition agreement needs to be nullified if they do not render support for the government till the presidential elections.

The president, stressing such agreements needs to be implemented, said there is no point if they are not.

Multiple MRM members presently holding political posts within the government resigned from the party last month after deciding to support President Solih.