Naeema’s murder: Another suspect jailed pending trial’s end

The home of Naeema Moosa, 62, who was found killed on April 7, 2023. (Sun Photo/Ahmed Saail Ali)

Another suspect arrested in connection to the brutal murder of the middle-aged woman who was found killed in her home at N. Manadhoo has been remanded in custody pending the outcome of his trial.

Naeema Moosa, 62, Annaarumaage, N. Manadhoo, was found stabbed to death in her bedroom at around 06:30 pm on April 7.

A street sweeper employed by the local council, Naeema had lived alone. She was reported missing by her family at around 06:13 pm on April 7. She was last seen on April 5.

The police had to break open her bedroom door and found her lying dead on the floor.

Three arrests have been made in connection to the murder to date: a 23-year-old and two 21-year-old youths from Manadhoo. One of them, a 21-year-old, however, was arrested from capital Male’ City.

Police, last Sunday, said Ahzam Abdul Shukoor, 23, whose initial arrest had been over a drug-related case, was first remanded in custody for 14 days. However, they said he was remanded in custody for five days on June 8th in connection to Naeema’s murder.

In an update today, police said that Ahzam has been remanded in custody pending the outcome of his trial when he was presented before the Criminal Court following the expiration of the five-day extension.  

Ahzam confessed to Naeema’s murder during interrogation.

He had previously resided in Male’, where he had reportedly joined a criminal gang, before moving back to Manadhoo.

The other suspect who was remanded in custody pending the outcome of trial is Hassan Fawaz, 21, who was arrested from Manadhoo.

The car driven by the three suspects on the night of the murder is reportedly owned by Fawaz.

Meanwhile, Abdul Wahid Rifaas, 21, who was arrested from Male’ was remanded in custody for 30 days on May 29th. He has a history of drug-related crimes.