High demand for Hulhumale’ Hosp. Mental Health Centre; many patients in queue

First Lady Fazna Ahmed inaugurating the Mental Health Center in Hulhumale' Hospital. (Photo / President's Office)

Hulhumale’ Hospital, on Thursday, revealed that a large number of patients are queued for consultations at Hulhumale’ Hospital’s Mental Health Centre.

The centre was officially inaugurated on October 10th.

Hulhumale’ Hospital’s Communications Head Abdulla Mauroof, briefing Sun regarding the latest updates on the works undertaken by the centre, said a large number of patients had queued for consultation since the inauguration of the centre.

“I cannot specify an exact number. However, a large number of patients have queued for consultations since the service was incepted,” he said.

The centre was inaugurated with two psychiatrists treating 12 to 15 patients per day each, thereby treating approximately 30 patients per day in total. A psychiatrist will be on-call 24 hours.

Mauroof, noting the services have been expanded since the inauguration of the centre, detailed more patients are treated daily now. He reiterated the hospital’s commitment to even further expand the centre’s services in the future.

Services provided at Hulhumale’ Hospital’s Mental Health Centre include psychiatric consultation, psychological assessment, psychotherapy and counselling among others.

Patients, following psychiatric consultations, will be referred to psychologists.


Psychotherapy provided at the centre includes relaxation therapy, cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), behavioural therapy (BT) and dialectical behavioural therapy (DBT).