Hulhumale’ Hospital to increase beds for dialysis patients

Hulhumale' Hospital. (File Photo/Sun/Fayaz Moosa)

Hulhumale’ Hospital has decided to increase its bed capacity for dialysis patients.

A spokesperson from the government hospital told Sun on Saturday that the hospital aims to increase its bed capacity to cater to the current load.

The spokesperson said that the hospital currently has only 10 beds for dialysis patients, even as the number of patients continue to increase each day.

He said that the 10 beds are currently used to treat 24 patients.

The hospital said it is working urgently to clear the backlog.

The spokesperson said the move to increase the bed capacity is currently in the planning stage, and declined to specify how many beds would be added.

The Hulhumale’ Hospital has seen a surge in new patients since the Hulhumale’ Phase II was populated. It has been working to cater to the demand, and has expanded its services, including opening the country’s first prosthetics and orthotics lab, in August 2023.