Nasheed to Niyaz: ‘Remember what you are doing’

Hulhumale' MP Ali Niyaz. (Sun Photo/Fayaz Moosa)

The main ruling Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP)’s leader and Parliament Speaker Mohamed Nasheed warned President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih’s brother and Hulhumale’ MP Ali Niyaz (Niya) on Tuesday, over his involvement in a no-confidence motion against Deputy Speaker Eva Abdulla.

Nasheed had expressed his displeasure over the no-confidence motion in a series on text messages on an MDP Whatsapp group earlier Tuesday.

“Niya, remember what you are doing. You are discarding the daughter of Mohamedbe of Dheyliyaage,” said Nasheed.

Eva’a father, Mohamed, belongs to Dheyliyaage of Lh. Hinnavaru. He is related to President Solih.

Meanwhile, both Nasheed and Eva, along with President Solih’s spouse Fazna Ahmed, are cousins.

Nasheed and President Solih had been childhood friends and founding members of MDP. However, their relationship had disintegrated after President Solih came to power in 2018, in an election he had only contested because Nasheed had been disqualified from running.

Nasheed wrote on the Whatsapp group that he will be standing closest to Niya when the current administration falls.

“But isn’t this the time?” Niya responded.

Niya said that given Eva’s decision to leave MDP, there is nothing that can be done for her to retain her position.

He also said he is not someone who can be coerced.

“I follow the majority. I am the true democrat here,” he said.

More MPs joined in on the heated exchange.

Pro-government MPs criticized Nasheed, and said that both Eva and Nasheed must be dismissed.

They also said that there should be no nepotism when it comes to taking action.

“Let me tell you something. Mohamed of Dheyliyaage or Thuthu Manik or anyone else does not come first at the Parliament,” said Dhaandhoo MP Abdulla Yaugoob.

The no-confidence motion against Eva was submitted to the Parliament on Tuesday with the endorsement of 50 MPs.