Correctional officer arrested for attempting to smuggle drugs into Himmafushi Prison

An aerial shot of K. Himmafushi. (Sun File Photo)

A correctional officer has been arrested following a foiled attempt to smuggle drugs into Asseyri Prison in K. Himmafushi.  

Commissioner of Prisons Ahmed Mohamed Fulhu, in a tweet on Friday, said the correctional officer who attempted to smuggle drugs into Asseyri Prison was caught during a joint operation carried out by Maldives Correctional Service and Maldives Police Service. He noted that the drugs attempted to be smuggled by the officer have also been seized.

CP Ahmed Mohamed Fulhu also reported that the officer has been suspended.

“It is extremely concerning that officers partake in such ploys, although rare,” he added.

Corrections Spokesperson Aminath Yusreen said the service has previously taken various steps to counter such situations including intelligence monitoring and the constitution of the special board to probe such cases.

She further stated that internal investigations will be carried out if there are suspicions following which action will be taken if deemed necessary. Yusreen also said that if the case calls for involvement for them, that shall also be done.