Migrant worker arrested in Thoddoo stabbing

AA. Thoddoo. (File Photo/Sun/Ahmed Sharuwan)

A migrant worker has been arrested in connection to a violent alternation between two migrant workers in AA. Thoddoo.

The arrestee has been identified as a 22-year-old foreigner.

Police told Sun that the foreigner has been remanded in police custody for seven days during a remand hearing at AA. Bodufolhudhoo Magistrate Court.

The case is under further investigation, said the police.

The stabbing took place at approximately 7:15pm on Wednesday night at Geadeno Restaurant.

A 26-year-old foreigner was treated at Thoddoo Health Centre for injuries sustained during the violent alternation.

Reliable sources confirm that the victim was a Bangladeshi working as a shopkeeper in a store in Thoddoo. The assailant has been identified as an Indian man.