Man arrested from Feridhoo for domestic violence

AA. Feridhoo.

A man has been arrested from AA. Feridhoo on suspicions of assaulting his wife.

A member of Feridhoo Council told Sun that the woman received a medical checkup for her injuries. While assault has been confirmed, the extent of her injuries remains unclear.

The woman is a Feridhoo native.

Her husband was arrested in connection to the assault sometime last night, as per the council member.

A Police Spokesperson confirmed to Sun the arrest of a 32-year-old man from Feridhoo last night.

“The injured woman was treated at Feridhoo Health Centre,” the Spokesperson also said.

Latest statistics by Gender Ministry show that 41 domestic violence cases were submitted in February. The complainant in all cases had been women. Twenty-three cases of this involved physical violence.