Kendhikulhudhoo fish plant project awarded to Han’dhu Investment

Kendhikulhudhoo fish processing plant project is awarded to Han’dhu Investment on April 20, 2023. (Photo/Kendhikulhudhoo Council)

The India-backed project to build a fish processing plant in N. Kendhikulhudhoo has been awarded to Han’dhu Investment.

The project is part of the high-impact community development program financed with Indian grant assistance.

The MVR 4.4 million contract for the construction of the fish processing plant was signed between Han’dhu Investment and Kendhikulhudhoo Council last Thursday.

Han’dhu Investment is required to complete the project within seven months.

As the whole project is valued above MVR 5 million, the invitation to bid was initially posted by the Tender Board. However, the project received zero interest despite three announcements.

Kendhikulhudhoo councilman Mohamed Shahid told Sun on Saturday that the Finance Ministry granted the council permission to seek potential contractors after the three failed attempts.

The council decided to divide the work into two and make two separate announcements.

“We made construction and procurement of machinery separate projects. Then the value drops below MVR 5 million,” he said.

Shahid said the council will post an announcement seeking a party to procure machinery next week.

He said Kendhikulhudhoo does not have many fishermen, but a handful who are involved in reef fishing.

“There are also some who purchase and export reef fish. That can expand once the plant is built and starts producing ice,” he said.

The Kendhikulhudhoo fish processing plant will have the capacity to produce 20 tons of ice and store up to 30 tons of ice. The plant will also have 10 fish filleting stations, five areas with digital scales, and six fish processing stations.

The plant will also have administrative rooms, a lab, and other facilities.

Developing neighborhood fish plants was one of President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih’s electoral pledges.