Census 2022: 104 men for every 100 women in Maldives

Maldivian women on an island. (Sun Photo/Mohamed Muzayyin Nazim)

Provisional results of ‘Census 2022’ shows that there are 104 men for every 100 women in the Maldives.

The total population of Maldives, as per the provisional results, is 515,122 people of which 382,751 are locals while 132,371 are foreigners.

While there are 104 men for every 100 women in the Maldives – the male population in Male’ City and the capital islands of atolls is relatively low; a result of many men being based in resorts and industrial islands as per the Maldives Bureau of Statistics (MBS).

Forty-one percent of the total population resides in Male’ area while 46 percent reside in atolls. Ten percent of the population resides in resorts. The remaining three percent resides in industrial islands. The total population of Male’ area is placed at 212,138 while the total population across atolls is placed at 236,747.

The most densely populated islands among atolls are S. Hithadhoo and HDh. Kulhudhuffushi respectively. In this regard, the population of Hithadhoo stands at 13, 747 while the population of Kulhudhuffushi stands at 10, 251.

The least populated islands were identified as V. Rakeedhoo and ADh. Dhidhdhoo respectively. In this regard, Rakeedhoo’s population stands at 77 while Dhidhdhoo’s population stands at 140.

Statistics show that the Maldivian population has been increasing by 1.5 percent annually since 2014.